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  • Mike Nalley

Searching For A Signal, Photographers Beware!

An image from Polk County last weekend. I was riding out to look at some land for sale and noticed this old falling down home. On the way back I pulled of the road to grab a few shots. I saw a neighbor child come down the drive and ask me what I was doing, told him I was taking pictures of the old house. Also asked him if he knew who owned it. He said no. I was shooting away when I heard a truck pull up. He said "can I help you?" I said I was just taking a few photos of the old house. It was his house and he had the look of evil in his eyes. I tried to talk to him nicely but he apparently thought I was there to steal something. Funny that I would try to steal something in broad daylight on a Saturday morning at 9:30. I finally told him I take only photos and leave only footprints. I think that calmed him down. After putting up my camera I came back and asked if he would like a print if I got something good, he said No I'm Good! It's not like it was even 5 years ago so please BEWARE photographers. There are many new assholes out there!!

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